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November 5, 2008

A Brand New Day

When they announced that Barack Obama would be our next president, it actually didn’t even occur to me that this was a “historic moment” because we’d just elected our first black president. My first thought was, “People are finally waking up.” After eight years of ridiculous policies, tolerated only because of the “excellent leadership” [of Bush’s speechwriters] after 9/11, we’re finally stepping up and saying, “Enough is enough. We want change.”

I have mixed emotions regarding McCain. I never thought he was a bad guy. In fact, had he chosen to run against Bush in 2004, I’d have voted for him without hesitation. But the man we’ve seen in the media for the past year wasn’t John McCain. John McCain is a war-hero, a reasonably forward-thinker, and a very fair man, willing to work both sides of the party lines to get things done; he is a man who always put his country first and his party second. What we saw instead was someone pandering hard to try to get votes for his party, changing his policies and his personality in the hopes of contradicting the notion that he was a moderate Republican. I grew to absolutely loathe the man that he’d become. But in his concession speech last night, we got a glimpse at the former McCain. And I can honestly believe that he will do his best to work with both sides to try to heal our damaged nation.

As for Obama… I’m thrilled that he was elected, and look forward to seeing what he can do. But I fear for him, as well. He has four years to try to undo the massive damage that’s been done over the past eight, and I’m not sure that kind of repair can happen that quickly. He’s the head of the cleaning crew, brought in to clean up after someone else has made a huge mess, and if it doesn’t get done, he’s the one that’ll be blamed for the mess. But I also think that if anyone can do it, he can. See, people want to go on about how he’s all talk, and how all he really managed to do was inspire people and give them hope. But what those people don’t quite grasp is that inspiring is exactly what a great leader needs to do, and hope is exactly what we need. We are the ones who elect our leaders and our policy-makers. We are the ones who voted overwhelmingly for a change in the House and the Senate as well as in the White House. And we are the ones who will vote them right back out of office if they can’t do the jobs we’ve given them.

The biggest part of changing things is making the choice to stop letting things just happen, making the decision to stand up and demand change. And yesterday, America did just that.

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